QuickBooks Customer Portal


I had a customer ask if there was a customer portal for the invoices I generated out of Quickbooks. Instead of saying "No", I decided to do a little research.

Why does QuickBooks Suck?

QuickBooks has so much potential, however they fall flat in so many areas that would allow them to compete with bigger accounting and invoicing SaaS products on the market.

QuickBooks Payments, it's a great idea but there's lots of people who like to use Paypal, especially in Europe. Additionally they don't accept American Express. Which quite a few businesses use.

I'll write more as I come up with it.


I looked into a couple of solutions.

QuickBooks Apps

GoTo My Accounts

  • Price: $29.95 per staff user. $0.15 per customer user. $0.01 per customer record (total in company). $0.003 per invoice record (total in company).
  • If you want more staff accounts just times the amount above by the number of accounts.
  • The pricing would be great if it was a flat fee, versus the per customer and invoice chargers.

External Apps


  • Price: $25-$64/month
  • Don't know if it actually providers a customer portal.
  • Lots of other features that a typical CRM would provide.


  • Price: $500+
  • Looks to have a customer portal
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero
  • Stopped looking further due to price.


  • Price: Have you contact vendor
  • Look to have a customer portal that allows invoices to be show and payment to be taken.
  • Not much information online.
  • Cost $75/month for 100 invoices.
  • Will need to test further.

Invoice Sherpa

  • Price: $49-$199 (USD)
  • Up to 100 open invoices
  • Connection Fee of 0.47% Applicable to Invoices Paid via Credit Card