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Sumoday is Over! Sorry 😒

I went through the AppSumo Day deals and picked out some I think were interesting to me or others.


If you have more information about anything below, please reach out via Facebook, or Discord

I like trying out new software, and LTD's sometime are a great deal. Granted most of the time you'll see either the company go under after 2 years or start charging. I have CloudApp and it was the best LTD I've purchased. A couple other would be Quoters and Windscribe.

This list is not the entire catalog of Sumoday apps. It's simply some hand picked ones.

This is my first time doing a full review of all this software, you can tell by how the content changes as you scroll down. Please provide any feedback via

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If you see a 🌟 then it means I think it's an awesome product.

If you see a πŸ€– it's an Appsumo Product.

If you see a ⚠ then watch out!


I've marked the deals I'm buying and trying! So look out fo rthese!


Group Collector - $69 ⚠

Group Collector allows you to collect new Facebook Group member answers -- including their emails -- and save them into your Google Sheet and autoresponder.

This only works when a user joins your Facebook group, it won't work for existing members. Good idea, but limited. Haven't used it!

Consolto -$59-$289

Boost remote meetings with customers through video chat, appointment scheduling, messaging, and analytics.

This looks like a good app for someone just getting into consulting, especially when it comes to booking apointment's, video chat and screen sharing. I haven't used it

RootPal - $100+ ⚠

So this was discussed at some point on our Managing WordPress and More group. The deal seems to be pretty good, but that's the problem.

How sustainable will this be? No one knows, but if you get a year or two out of the deal, and you backup your site it's not bad. I haven't heard reports of issues with their service aside from them not cleaning up malware infected sites. Which isn't something anything hosting provider should be on the hook for, preventing yes but not full out cleaning. They will disable your site if you don't respond in 3 days if Malware is detected on your site.

You can stack multiple codes and receive the following upgrades.

Stacking Codes
  • 1 x Code / Up to 2 WordPress sites & 20GB SSD Storage
  • 2 x Code / Up to 10 WordPress sites & 50GB SSD Storage
  • 3 x Code / Up to 25 WordPress sites & 100GB SSD Storage
Plan and Features
  • Lifetime access to Rootpal
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • 20 GB Space
  • Up to 2 Sites
  • Unlimited Traffic / Visitors
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited DDOS Protection
  • WordPress Toolkit / Auto Update / Cloning / etc..
  • FREE Lifetime SSL
  • Dedicated Resources (Not Shared)
  • 400+ One Click Auto Install Scripts
  • 30 Days of Backups

Ruttl - $49-$179

Comment on live websites and make real-time edits for optimized web design feedback

Seems like a cool idea, especially if you work on lots of sites and need to give feedback easily.

Haven't used it.

SerpWatch -$60-$690 - Buying 🌟

Get detailed data on clients and competitors with advanced SEO tracking

I've seen Serpwatch on Appsumo before and reached out to my SEO friends about this deal. They said it's alright, one touted as their goto. I think if you're just starting out in the SEO world it's a decent buy.

Interestingly enough you can stack up to 10 codes and get 45 client portals. Which doesn't seem like lots, but if you're get $500/month for each client does it matter?

Linkjoy - $49-$147

Generate leads, boost ROI, and drive traffic with optimized social bio links

Linkjoy is brought to you by Clientjoy. I don't know about this deal. The clicks per month limit is interesting. Granted you could use this on multiple low traffic profiles with 3 custom domains. The agency play looks great if you manage a large amount of clients Instagram accounts.

GetTerms - $69-$249 - Buying

Generate custom privacy policies for your website and apps in minutes

  • Roadmap βœ…
  • Feature Requests ❌

Pretty straight forward product, and an alternative to Termsfeed and Termly. I want to pick this up, but just don't know enough about how good the product is.

If you're Canadian like myself, they're working on PEPIDA

image - $99 🌟 is one of the freshest and simplest solutions for remote access.

  • Roadmap ❌
  • Feature Requests ❌
  • API βœ…

So I was going to pick this up until I saw the plans and features. For me I think I'm going to stick to Teamviewer or move to Zoho Assist. However, this deal isn't dead. Right now I'd need to stack 2 codes to cover Teamviewer, but that's not considering growth.

This is an overall great remote support app for $100 if you do do more than 5 clients per day. Which I think is had to gauge unless you're doing remote onboarding and can schedule. Even then pay $100 more for 50 clients a day just incase.

If you have multiple desktops that you want to access remotely, this is also a good buy. You can manage up to 10 devices.


Stack 1 code to receive:
  • Permanent access - 10 devices
  • Quick support - 5 clients per day
  • Video recording - 20 GB
  • Size limitations for one transferred file - 4 GB
Stack 2 codes to receive:
  • Permanent access - 50 devices
  • Quick support - 50 clients per day
  • Video recording - 40 GB
  • Size limitations for one transferred file - 40 GB
  • Team - 2 additional accounts
Stack 3 codes to receive:
  • Permanent access - 100 devices
  • Quick support - 100 clients per day
  • Video recording - 60 GB
  • Size limitations for one transferred file - 100 GB
  • Branding
  • Team - 7 additional accounts

TYKR - $99 ⚠

Reduce risk, save money, and invest confidently with TYKR.

This is pretty much a simple stock screener with some advice, granted all investing advice is just that. Advice. This app isn't going to make you money. It's just another tool to analyse a stock purchase and brings a bunch of data into one place.

I personally use Trading View, Marketwatch and Finvis.

Blurweb App - $17-$51 🌟

Blur sensitive information while live screens sharing!

This looks super interesting, because I've been looking more and more into recording courses and tutorials but have had to develop a black box so I didn't expose my current setup.

You can blur any part of a screen, and then if you reload the page or enter the URL the blur will remain!

Very cool idea! It's currently a chrome extension. Stacking allows for more than the default 3 devices.

Samdock -$49

The Simplest CRM for sales and customer management with straightforward features!

As they claim, a super simple CRM. Nothing more to it! For $49 a cheap start for a CRM.

Sendfox - $49-$245 - Buying πŸŒŸπŸ€–

Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans

Sendfox is an Appsumo product. It's basically a mailing list that lets you automate sending out your content. Unlimited emails, triggerd automations, lots of intergrations and an API. I like that it has an RSS feed automation for bringing in WordPress Posts.

Zion Builder - $99 - Trying ⚠

Zion Builder is a new WordPress Page Builder plugin built with only one thing in mind: speed! Both in front-end and back-end.

Another WordPress page builder! With a Roadmap and Feature Requests :) Going to try this one out and see how well it works. I definately want to run it through Google PageSpeed Insights.

SleekBio - $19 πŸ€–

Create one beautiful, simple link for your social media bio that showcases everything you have to offer

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: ❌
  • Founders: AppSumo
  • Company Age:
  • App Age: Beta
  • Community: ❌

Another social link in bio app designed by AppSumo. Cheap, but in beta so not much to cover.

The Link Chest by SEO Buddy - $59 - Trying ⚠

When you’re just starting to rank a website, you’re like the new kid at school. No one wants to link to you because you’re the new kid. But if you want organic traffic, you need backlinks.

SEO backlink tool, don't know anything about the tool, or company. Might try it out.

TidyCal - $19 πŸŒŸπŸ€–

Make scheduling your next meeting easy with calendar integrations, booking pages, and customization

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: βœ… Google, Zapier
  • Company Age: 2010
  • Founders: Noah Kagan / AppSumo
  • Community: ❔

Another AppSumo product trying to compete with Calendly and other appointment apps. Currently only works with Google Calendar, Microsoft and Apple coming soon. Cheap but no roadmap and feature request.

BarkWeb - Cloud Web Hosting & CDN - $24 ⚠

100GB SSD Cloud Hosting, SSL, Email, CDN. No LvE or iNode Limits, Friendly Support by Ticket, and pre-sales questions by Live Chat.

  • Roadmap: N/A
  • Feature Requests: N/A
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Company Age: States 1999 from Instagram
  • Company Location: London
  • Company Founders: ❌
  • Community:
Full Plan Features

Hello Sumo-Lings!

We have created a shared hosting plan in partnership with 20i, that will satisfy 9/10 webmasters who expect more from shared hosting, with no iNode or LVE limits. We also include a global CDN with 22+ edge locations around the world, Web optimisation tools, DDoS protection and Malware scanning as standard.

  • - Your Web Hosting Plan Includes --
  • Use your own domain name or our subdomain100 GB SSD Web Space1 TB Bandwidth Traffic (per month)1 Hosted Domain Name (Primary) + 10 Add-on domains (Using the public_html space)Backup and RestoreFree SSL CertificatesMalware ScannerWebsite Optimisation SuiteUnlimited Email AccountsUnlimited DatabasesGlobal CDN, with Edge CachingChange PHP versionPHP Configurator1 Click Installs (Wordpress + 80 other apps)Custom Hosting Panel called StackCP

That's not all

  • Google-Based DNS ServersWordpress Optimised and Ready1 Tbps+ DDoS ProtectionBrute Force Login protectionFTP Security LockOne-Click G Suite SetupPHP: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 & 8.0'Catch All' Address SupportPCI Compliant ServersNo LVE Limits services may only be used for lawful purposes. If you are found in violation of the Terms of Services Your account will be terminated without notice and you will forfeit all of the money that has been paid.

Infringement of Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Intellectual Property Right: Distribution and/or posting of copyrighted or the aforementioned infringements will not be tolerated. And sadly, today this is a very common problem.

Certain types of content are not allowed on our network. We do not host adult content of any description. Content relating to Hacking, Cracking, Warez and IRC is not allowed. Software downloads may only be hosted if you are the writer and copyright owner of the software, all other software including freeware, shareware and trial software is forbidden. Audio and video downloads may only be hosted if you are the creator and copyright owner of the work.

Not sure if your website allowed?

Any Questions?Head to our website:

This is an insane deal for $24/month for a shared hosting account with email. Their live chat was down due to the demand. I don't know how they'll be able to service this price point. I suspect they'll come back in a year asking for money or close down. They're using cPanel and located in the UK but have CDN's in multiple locations. No information about founders or owners.

They've released a uptime and monitoring app called Barkby which I've detailed below.

Barkby - Uptime Monitoring & Status Pages - $39 🌟

Barkby from BarkWeb here, the people behind our awesome SSD Cloud Hosting with a handy tool for anyone running a website or essential system that needs monitoring without costing the earth.

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Company Age: States 1999 from Instagram
  • Company Location: London
  • Company Founders: ❌
  • Community: ❌
Full Plan Features
  • 50 Monitors, with 1-30 Minute Checks
  • 25 Heartbeats
  • 5 Projects
  • 5 Status pages
  • 365 Retention Analytics
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Custom Half-back URL
  • Password Protection
  • Custom HTTP/s requests
  • Custom HTTP/s responses

This isn't bad deal for monitoring 50 different assets. Includes website, server and port monitoring. Also includes heartbeats, so you can monitor cronjobs. Includes status pages and multi-location checks.

Email Badge - Email Signatures - $9-$27 πŸ€–

Create simple, beautiful, and effective email signatures in under two minutes using pre-made templates

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Company Age: 2010
  • Company Location: LA
  • Company Founders: Noah Kagan / AppSumo
  • Community: ❌

This is an alternative to Exclaimer an service to centrally manage your email signatures in your organization. This product is made by AppSumo, another clone. I'd

Email Warmup - $59 ⚠

Improve email sender reputation on autopilot.

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations: βœ… AWS SES, Gmail, O365, Yahoo Mail, SendGrid, MailGun
  • Company Age: Mar 2021
  • Company Location: China?
  • Company Founders: Ikenna Paschal
  • Community: ❌

I'm not 100% confident in this product. Why? From what I understand the company has access to 2500 email accounts and will send email to these accounts from your domain and mark them as important or not spam. Smart, but how long will that last? I wan to love this but I cant right now.

Screpy - Uptime/Speed/Serp/SEO Monitoring - $55 - Trying

With Screpy, you no longer have to be a professional for SEO monitoring! AI-Based Screpy offers a great solution as an SEO tool for rocketing website rankings so you can be tough enough to compete with professionals!

  • Roadmap: ❌
  • Feature Requests: ❌
  • API: ❌
  • Integrations:
  • Company Age: Mar 2020
  • Company Location: Turkey
  • Company Founders: Airscarp
  • Community: ❌

From the listing...

PageSpeed monitoring, Uptime monitoring, SEO monitoring, Keyword tracker, Syntax Checker, and the best automatically generated tasks! It is what Screpy does to make you reach more.

That's quite a few features. I'm going to be trying this.

Brindle Booking - WordPress Booking Plugin - $9 🌟

Brindle Booking lets your site visitors book appointments, meetings, and more via a sleek, 3-step booking interface.

I feel like I've seen this plugin before. I can't recall. Overall it looks like a decent plugin, and at $9 it's a steal. I haven't used it so beware! However at $9 it's a throwaway plugin at this price point.

SquadPal - The Team App - $1

SquadPal helps your team build meaningful connections at work.

This is a simple mobile app, looks pretty interesting, just threw it up here. Haven't used it but like the idea. This would be a great app for remote teams.

HostMaria - Web Hosting - $4 ⚠

HostMaria works in partnership with 20i and provides a new generation of web hosting -- otherwise known as 'true cloud.'

  • Roadmap: N/A
  • Feature Requests: N/A
  • API: N/A
  • Integrations: N/A
  • Company Age: N/A
  • Company Location: UK
  • Company Founders: Helmuts Meskonis
  • Community: ❌

This hosting provide utilizes a number of vendors to provide Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers. This offer is for their UK datacenter, even though they look to have a US and Germany location. Buyer beware, it's cheap and might not be around for long.

Update from Ivan:

Regarding HostMaria, beware: they require you to relegate a domain to them (presumably, to manage DNS locally) in order to fully activate the service. I wasn't prepare to give them that (I was planning to use a subdomain for tests), so I just gave up.

Funny tidbit: if a domain is not relegated, HM will issue a subdomain underΒ stackstaging.comΒ to access the website; when I open their link, MalwareBytes blocks the page saying I might be getting phished. To me, this speaks TONS of the quality of my neighbors for that amazing 'lifetime' deal.

RADAAR - Social Media Management Platform - $49

RADAAR is a powerful social media management and collaboration platform designed for handling multiple brands. It helps marketers at every step, from scheduling and publishing posts on their profiles to analyzing their efforts.

Another Social Media management tool. It supports the following platforms.

RADAAR lets you connect Facebook (pages), Instagram (business accounts), Twitter, and LinkedIn (company pages) with its engagement features. For now, Instagram direct messages aren't supported by the Instagram API. Only Instagram comments will appear in your inbox.

Pretty straight forward from what I can tell. Haven't used it! Comes with a password vault too.

Rytr - AI Writing - $39 - Buyying 🌟

Introducing Rytr β€” an AI writing assistant that helps you generate high-quality content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

For $39 you get to generate 50,000 characters per month! That's not bad. Ivan posted on Facebook about Rytr.

I bought a code for (AI powered writing tool). At $39 less 10% with the SUMODAY discount, plus another 10% off as an AppSumo Plus member, it came to $31.50 which I believe is a great deal for trying it out. For more serious work, the limitation of 50K characters per month might not cut it (heck, I wasted about 4.5K just playing around with it) but the deal also offers an upgrade path to their regular service ($29/mo for unlimited text) with 30% off (unclear if this offer will expire at some point). The thing is, I can ask rytr to explain itself what it is. Here's me selecting a 'Product Description' use case and choosing 'Convincing' tone, then writing the following 250 character description: "Rytr is an AI-powered content generation tool that can help with content creation for blogs, articles, ads and product copy. It uses the powerful GPT-3 tech recently highlighted in GitHub Copilot (see" Based on the above, Rytr expounded as follows: Variant 1: Rytr is a powerful automated content generation tool that harnesses the latest in language technology, GPT-3 to generate content for blogs, articles, ads and product copy. It's not just another plagiarism generator. Rytr creates unique content with the accuracy and quality of a professional writer. Join thousands of happy copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs who use Rytr as an unfair advantage to grow their business. Variant 2: Need to write better quality content? Cheaply and quickly? Our AI-powered content generation tool can help you with that. With Rytr, you can create high-quality, engaging content for your blog, ad copy, landing pages and more. Just select the language you need and the number of words you want to generate. It's fast, cheap, and efficient - what else could you want? When I switched the tone to "Candid", here's the output: "Rytr's AI has been trained with more than 23 million sentences and 85 million words, and is capable of writing high-quality content in over 16 languages. It is fast and mobile-friendly, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to create content for blogs, copy for ads, articles or even product descriptions." And here's how an AI sounds when you ask of it to be "Optimistic": Variant 1: If you're looking for a powerful automated content generation tool, that's easy to use, - look no further than Rytr. It uses the latest language technology out there and is a joy to write with. β€” Variant 2: You have endless opportunities to grow your business with the help of Rytr. It can write amazing content for blogs, articles, product copy, and more. Rytr uses a powerful AI called GPT-3 to automatically generate content for you. (Back to Ivan): Here's me writing a review for this tool using it to help me craft it. Rytr seems capable of spinning the yarn as ably as any junior copy-writer πŸ˜ƒ


Command Codeless: No-Code Fundamentals - $9 - Buying 🌟

I'm really interested in this. I definately have some no-code ideas that I want to try out!